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Amid the Swirl of Ink, a Mission Emerges

By Dan McCann, May 8 2020 03:14PM

As I enter Act III of life -- 25 years of career down, about 25 to go -- I've been doing a lot of introspection, a lot of pondering. What brings me joy? What's my why? The process led me, with the help of a wiser, older brother, to the creation of something I had never created before -- a personal mission statement.

Using the guide Fran provided, I sat for about an hour, pen and Captain America journal in hand, scribbling out my responses to various questions -- not over-thinking, just letting thoughts flow.

- Sketch out a quick 'life timeline' of most impactful activities and achievements

- List your favorite skills and talents

- What values do you prioritize? Advancement? Adventure? Honesty? Wealth? Wisdom?

- What do you stand for?

- What are your roles in life and how do you want to contribute through those roles?

- Before I die, I want to...

Sure enough, amid the swirl of ink, a personal mission statement emerged:

To elevate the lives of others through each of my roles - husband, father, writer/creative and coach - while continually refining myself through rich and varied experiences.

With as much career time ahead of me as behind me, I look forward to exploring and finding unique, creative and fulfilling ways to continue elevating the lives of others -- with gratitude for the opportunities and the skills that God has given me. If I ever lose sight of my mission, I now have Captain America to remind me.

What's your personal mission? And more importantly, are you achieving it?

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